Mobile Phones & 3G/4G Modems

Much like our mobile phone service we also offer wifi modems which work on the mobile network. We have a variety of offerings to suit your needs from personal wifi devices on 3G and 4G which can connect up to 5 devices at one time to High powered wifi modems which also work of a mobile network but require a power supply and connect up to 30 devices at one time. These devices have been so successful that we have been able to connect whole production offices to high speed internet using these devices rather than them have to pay large installation fees for broadband connectivity.

This type of connectivity is ideal for those customers who need high speed internet short term and also in places where getting a landline connection is difficult or simply not possible at all.

Our personal wifi devices are ideal for executives/employees you have on short term contracts and need connectivity on site or on the move or even so they can work from their hotel/apartment in the evenings.

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